Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fine but blowy, and FREE FUEL!

A cool night last night, made colder with the north-westerly that’s still with us. But it blew away the rain clouds and left us a beautiful morning.

Through the side hatch this morning

We were on our way shortly after 10, past the busy moorings alongside the water park then up to Tatenhill Lock. A boat was just dropping down as we arrived, and another was waiting as we left, and this set the tone for the day.

Leaving the picturesque setting of Tatenhill LockSAM_6625
Each lock we arrived at was in our favour, or would be shortly when the occupying boat left.

Bridge 36 is only just wide enough for a boat, and carries the towpath as it swaps from the right to the left.

By rights this should be a roving or turnover bridge, allowing a boat horse to cross the canal without having to drop the tow, but I suspect that the towpath has been moved to the right between here and Tatenhill Lock since motor-boats became the rule. It reverts to the left again up to the river section at Wychnor.

Good timing again as NB Penguin leaves Barton LockSAM_6630

Barton Marina, our winter home last year. Not this year though, we’re staying out on the cut!

Large islands of floating reeds were a hazard along the stretch to Wychnor, probably coming down from the river section.

Pass either side!SAM_6632

It was just before the winding hole below Wychnor Lock when Mags appeared, wondering why I was manoeuvring  in to the offside of the canal. This was why….


Limited visibility till I could level it all off at the lock landing! You have to take these opportunities when they arise, don’t you.

Note, I’m wearing trousers today. I took Meg out in shorts first thing and regretted it. It was only 5°C, mind. I know, wimp!

Wychnor Lock takes us up onto the River Trent for ¾ mile, a delightful stretch of clean, clear water with a rather odd bridge in the middle.

Cow Bridge, No 45SAM_6645
It’s OK going this way, upstream, but if you’re coming downstream and there’s a bit of fresh on it can be tricky.

Alrewas Lock was our last for today, we were lucky to get the last slot on the moorings just above the lock. It’s always popular in the village, we usually go through and moor on the other side above Bagnall Lock, but tomorrow we are expecting a lunchtime visitor…

On the riverSAM_6649

Alrewas Lock

‘shrooms… or toadies?

I feel I must apologise to the owner of ex- T&S Elements NB Princess Anne, spotted yesterday in Burton. I thought she was a replica, but Amy put me right in no uncertain terms! Thanks, flower.

Locks 4, miles 5


KevinTOO said...

Hi Geoff & Mags, oh and Meg too:)
Glad you got back from 'ooop norf' OK and that Mags has recovered from her flu jab, funny how it knocks you off form for a day or so, it did the same to me when I had mine.
It was great to meet you all last Saturday and hope to see you again next time you're in this neck of the woods, my mum has asked me send you all her best wishes.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Kevin
Good to meet you and your Mum, too. We really enjoyed the chat we had. Look forward to seeing you again when we're local. Keep well.