Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Steady run to Swarkestone

We had a another late start again this morning, not for any particular reason, it just happened that way.
It was before lunch though, that we headed into Shardlow.

Unusual solution to the problem of a leaky wooden hull – stick it inside a steel one!SAM_6577

Shardlow boatbuildersSAM_6578

The Clock Warehouse
Built in 1780, the warehouse used to store goods for transit on the canal. Now it’s a family pub.

As we headed through the town we passed a Canaltime boat getting ready to leave, so I gave them a shout and told them we'd wait for them at Shardlow Lock.

The arrangement suited both crews; it’s easier working through these broad locks with two boats, and the Canaltime crew were first timers, so sharing with experienced people helped them out too.

Sharing Aston Lock with Real Ale No 83SAM_6580
Where do they get those names???

We steadily worked our way up the Trent valley to Swarkestone, were we stopped for the night while Nick and family pushed on, now considerably more confident.

Weston Lock

The canal is squeezed between the river and a ridge at Cliff WoodSAM_6583

Ready to press on towards Willington after going up Swarkestone Lock solo.SAM_6584
Have a good trip, folks.

Moored below Swarkestone LockSAM_6585

The Derby Canal used to join just above the lock but it was closed in 1964 and now only a short stub remains in water, used by the local boat club.SAM_6589
Plans are afoot to restore this canal, although the junction will be moved to below Swarkestone Lock. This has the double advantage of preserving the moorings and utilising an existing culvert under the A50.

If this canal does eventually reopen, it’ll be part of a 25 mile cruising ring, with a branch to Derby. That’ll be good. It will benefit the underused Erewash Canal.

Locks 3, miles 6½

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