Thursday, May 30, 2013

Maybe should have used Calgon…

…after all, the ad claims that washing machines live longer if you do….

On Tuesday, while running a wash load, the washer started to shake itself to pieces, with a horrendous banging noise coming from the drum. The drum appeared to be loose in the tub, so I dragged it out into the galley passage and set to with my spanners. The drum was loose, the spider that mounts it to the drive shaft had broken across all three legs.

Drum Roll Rattle

I got on the phone and found a company able to supply the required parts, two drawbacks though. The lead time for delivery was two weeks, and the cost was around £200. A bit of a no-brainer, really.

So I shopped around for a new one, finishing up with a deal for a Zanussi ZWC1300, another compact sized machine which will be delivered to us on the boat tomorrow. The company, Appliances Online, (you might have seen them on the TV) will take the old one and the new one’s packaging away with them.

If anyone out there needs a pump or motor, or door etc for a Candy Aqua 1000-T80 let me know ASAP before the thing disappears to washing machine heaven tomorrow. All free, just collect or pay postage. 0770 3728793.

Yesterday morning we’d reversed several hundred yards to the winding hole near Bollington, turning around to rejoin Chas near Dunham Massey Hall. Today we’ve had to head back up to Seaman’s Moss Bridge, turn around again and head back to the moorings near Ye Olde No 3, ready for the delivery. To kill two birds with one stone Mr Tesco is coming as well. Sod’s Law says they’ll both arrive at the same time.
Surprised smile

Before we moved though, Chas and I took the canines for a walk around Dunham Massey Hall’s deer park.

Finally spotted some cygnets!
Sorry about the poor quality; my phone camera doesn’t do zoom very well.

This afternoon as the weather steadily improved we had a gentle 90 minute cruise up to turn around and back to the pub moorings.

Through the narrows at the Bollin AqueductSAM_5628
This narrow concrete channel was constructed following a breach in 1971. It took two years and £250,000 to repair. The affected length was quickly isolated using stop planks, but the water level still dropped 14 inches in Castlefield, 10 miles away.

Ann is due back tomorrow from her trip home, Chas is cruising back to Timperley to meet her at the station. Depending on the delivery schedule, we may join him.

Locks 0, miles 5


Anonymous said...

How old was the washing machine? There was a piece on Watchdog (TV) saying this can be a common problem and you might be able to make a claim.

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Dunham Massey is quite lovely--one of our favorite places near which to moor. Sorry to hear about the washing machine. They are great till they go as my ma used to say. We are still lighting a fire in the evenings. I hope true summer arrives soon!
Stay warm and dry,