Monday, May 13, 2013

A short toodle to Trafford.

After a blustery, showery weekend in Castlefield, it was time to make a move.

We’re killing time before heading back into town, we don’t need to be in Castlefield till Friday the 24th, so we thought we’d head off towards Leigh for a few days.

Moored in Castlefield

After filling tanks it was about 12:30 when we finally moved out from the railway bridges and wharves of the junction.

Hulme Locks, the old link to the Manchester Ship Canal, now derelictSAM_5442

There’s always a large population of Canada geese along here, must be something in the water. There are several young families, being guarded carefully by the adults.


On my morning runs this way I’ve been mugged on several occasions by the protective parents, they fly at you with beak open and wings wide. A couple got pecks in before I lost patience and gave one a thick ear. (do geese have ears? I suppose they must have…)

MV LS Lowry takes another boatful of sightseers down the “new” Pomona Lock, to take the tour of Salford QuaysSAM_5448

Cruising this stretch you can’t help but notice Manchester Utd Old Trafford stadium on the left, but I was more interested in another of those very large drills working on the other side of the canal.

Another big drill. I want one!
It drills large, deep holes for cylindrical fabrications of steel reinforcing bar, which are then filled with concrete to form secure foundation pillars.

Oh, all right then, here’s a picture of the “Theatre of Dreams”.SAM_5454

Manchester container Euroterminal straddles the canal nearer the junction of Waters Meeting. There is a seriously large fork truck at work here!

I don’t think my (expired) FLT licence would cover this chapSAM_5456

Big Boys Toys. I want one of these too!

We hung a right at the junction and had an uneventful but windswept trip through Trafford Park.

The Kelloggs factory used to have grain deliveries by barge, but not anymore.SAM_5466

Guess where we moored for the night…SAM_5471
A clue is on the under-exposed sign on the right…

Ann and I had a walk around The Trafford Centre this afternoon., what a place. You could do your wallet some serious damage here!




I kept my hand firmly in my pocket, but Ann succumbed and bought  a couple of pairs of jeans. Might go back tomorrow, though…

Mercedes 380SL
 on the brass plate –

This car belonged to Mrs Margaret Mary Whittaker, the Mother of the Chairman and founder of Peel Holdings p.l.c. and The Trafford Centre. It is installed at The Trafford Centre as a lasting tribute for all her support, inspiration and guidance.
10th September 1998

Seems a shame not to have it on the road, though.

Locks 0, miles 4½

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