Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thought about it, decided not to bother…

Moving today, that is.

We were going to make the short toddle to Worsley, but it was raining at 6 when I woke, still raining at 7 so I rolled over and went back to sleep, and still raining at half-8 when I finally decided to get up.
Meg wasn’t impressed having her walk in the rain, me neither.

It’s a good job we didn’t move, as it happens. Charles had bought some technology from PC World in the Trafford Centre yesterday, but the two of the three elements are ignorant of each other instead of having an amiable exchange of information. So one bit went back today for a refund.

There’s been a few boats up and down, but it’s generally very quiet on the stretch.

The towpath has recently been resurfaced along here with pea gravel, so every walker, jogger and cyclist gives advanced warning of their imminent arrival. A good thing from my point of view is that they had to cut back some of the small trees to widen the path, so I’ve been scavenging, trying to eke out the last bag of smokeless fuel till the summer comes.

Today’s small haul.
Could do with the rain to stop so I can cut it up…

Yesterday afternoon’s (dry!) walk took us down to the ship canal at Barton.

Twin Barton swing bridges, Barton Road nearer, Bridgewater Canal behindSAM_5474
Pigeons eye view from Bing maps
Map picture
Manchester Coat of Arms on pump house alongside the ship canalSAM_5472
If your Latin is a bit rusty (or non-existent like mine) the motto means “By council and work”, a biblical reference – Eccl 37:14, “Let reason be the beginning of every work, and let council go before every action”.

Just along the road there’s the Franciscan Friary of All Saints, a fine building around 150 years old.


The forecast looks a bit better for tomorrow, so we’ll dodge the showers to Worsley.

Locks 0, miles 0.

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