Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Standedge Tunnel End

With yesterday being a spare day, and starting fine and dry, Meg and I set off for the hills above Marsden. Crossing the railway we headed north, and walked a 6 mile circuit, over Huck Hill, past Cupwith Reservoir and up to Cupwith Hill, before dropping back down into the valley at Hey Green.

Cloud blowing off Pule HillSAM_3900

Then clearing a little laterSAM_3901

Looking down the Colne ValleySAM_3898

Heading back down through Hey GreenSAM_3902

Looking across to Standedgepano
The tunnels (three rail and one canal) head directly away from the small valley near the middle of the picture. The boil on the horizon marks the top of one of the ventilation shafts, spoil lifted from the tunnels and piled around the shaft head.

Marsden nestling in it’s valleySAM_3911

A really good morning’s stroll, bright but breezy on the tops, and a bit boggy in places, but a great way to start the day.

We chilled for the rest of the day, then moved down to the tunnel portal at around 4 o’clock, pulling in at the winding hole till the tunnel trip boat had returned and tied up.

Returning from the last tunnel trip of the day
The passenger boat is unpowered, drawn by an electric tug.

That out of the way we moved around to the wharf, and settled in for the evening. TV was poor on the Marsden moorings, and non-existent here, and we’ve had no internet connection either since Slaithwaite. In four years this is the first time that our 3 mobile signal has failed us. DVD time instead.

Waiting for the morrowSAM_3915

Locks 0, miles ½

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