Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blogger Problem

Since the internet "black spot" at the northern portal of Standedge Tunnel prevented me posting to the blog, I'd three entries to upload last night now we've got a connection again. But I couldn't. I kept getting an "Error 403, Forbidden" Message popping up. Some research indicated that this may be due to my Google account being hacked and temporarily suspended, so  tried all the suggested fixes.

Then I realised that the other Google applications I use, mail for one, were unaffected, so it couldn't have been a blanket suspension, it only affected Blogger.

After trying several test posts I came to the conclusion that I could post text-only, but if there were pictures to upload I got that error message. I should point out that  use Windows Live Writer as an editor.

I managed to post the "Going a bit too far" entry by going through the long winded route of writing the post directly into Blogger, then editing and resizing the photos before uploading them. Then it was a matter of getting them in the right place on the posting... Painful!

A bit of thought took me to Picassa Web Albums, where all my blog pictures are stored. Lo and behold... I'd run out of storage space! Since starting the blog in 2006 I've uploaded 1Gb of pictures. Wow!
Purchasing more space has set me back less than £2 a month and I've now got room for the next 150 years!
And I've got my blog posts up to date.


It's wild, wet and windy up here at Diggle so we're staying put for today.


Adam said...

I keep hearing that people find positioning photos in Blogger difficult, so here's how I do it. I upload all the photos I want to put in the blog. When they've all uploaded, I click cancel. I write the blog. When I want to add the first photo I put an extra line between the paragraphs, and put the curson on the bottom line. I click on the photo icon, and after a few seconds all the uploaded photos appear. I highlight the one or more I want in that place and click add. I repeat the process of putting the cursor where I want the photo and adding it. Once all the photos are in the right place, I click on each and make them all large and left-aligned, which is best for my template.

Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks Adam. That procedure is much the same as I used to use. But I always take my pics at best quality so I can zoom and crop and still keep definition. So before uploading I needed to resize them to around 200Kb using a third party application. Using Live Writer the photos are automatically sized appropriately during the upload process, and you can also edit them within the application, cropping and some basic manipulation.
I would recommend giving it a go.