Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bugsworth to New Mills

A change of view this afternoon; instead of looking across Bugsworth Lower Basin, we’re looking across the Goyt Valley towards the edge of New Mills and the hills on the far side.

Chinley Churn lies over the horizonSAM_4189

Yesterday we had a change of pace; we hired a car and went up into Yorkshire for Mags to visit the doc. She’d due her annual MOT which involves two trips. The first is for tests and samples, the second, 10 to 14 days later, involves a review of the results with her doctor. This was the first one, I’m now planning our itinerary around the second. It wouldn’t have been a pleasant day for boating anyway, wet and windy. Ok inside a climate controlled cabin of a nearly new Vauxhall Insignia, though. I‘d ordered an Astra or something similar, but this was available for a discounted upgrade, so why not? Good old Enterprise, eh.

We had a good day, unfortunately not able to see Mag’s son George but I popped in to see an old friend in the outdoor equipment shop in Ingleton, and we spent a couple of hours with Melanie, Mag’s grand-daughter. We couldn’t hang about though, the hire was for 24 hours and  had to get the motor back by 4 o’clock.

So last night was our last in the basin. Strictly speaking moorings here are 48 hours only, but this period can be extended with agreement from the IWPS people.

We had tanks to empty and fill on the way out of the basin, and there were a smart looking pair of boats moored just up from the facility wharf.

NB Unspoilt by Progress and butty TewkesburySAM_4180 Unspoilt by Progress and Tewkesbury
Painted on the sides of the fore-cabin of Unspoilt… is, on one side, – The Longest Narrowboat Journey in the World, and on the other – Black Country to Black Sea Expedition 1992.
SAM_4181 Unspoilt by Progress and Tewkesbury
Intrigued, I’ve trawled the interweb for information, but to no avail. Anyone out there know anything?

We had a very gentle cruise back to the good moorings just beyond Carr Lift Bridge. Although dry it’s been overcast, with a brisk wind.

Peak Forest Canal near Furness ValeSAM_4184 PFC

Lots of leaves in the water now, making it necessary to clear the prop frequently, especially in the narrows where redundant swing bridges have been removed.

Mags bringing Seyella through Carr Swing Bridge.SAM_4188 Carr Swing Br
We moored a couple of hundred yards further on.

Locks 0, miles 2


Chas and Ann said...

I am trying to remember the details having seen a DVD of the trip by Unspoilt By Progress made some time ago. They took it to the Black Sea of all places. I think a motor bike was carried on deck. There was a near disaster when being craned into the Black sea. So pleased to see the boat restored after that trip.

Sue said...

I gotta feeling one of them sunk in the Danube.. Dunno where that bit of info came from, but it was somewhere deep in my memory grey matter!

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Nick Saunders took two narrowboats from the UK to the Black Sea and back. It was made into two videos which I bought. The butty sunk on its way into a lock and they had to get divers and a crane to lift it again. He was towed a lot of the way back because the river was running at 12 mph.
email if you want more info