Saturday, May 26, 2012

We’ve got another ‘ole!

Canal life seems to be full of ‘oles. There’s bridge ‘oles, engine ‘oles, coal ‘oles. And now we’ve one more; a book ‘ole!

There already was a small ‘ole ‘ere. Orchard in their infinite wisdom had fitted the central heating controller here, right where it would get wet in less than clement weather, and handy for the knuckles to switch on as you adjust the throttle. I soon relocated it to the end of the wardrobe (just reach out of bed and push the button on those frosty mornings), and covered the ‘ole with a bit of scrap ply.

Musing the other day on storage and how you can never have enough bits and pieces ‘oles, especially close to the steerer, I decided to make use of the dead space behind, enlarge the existing aperture and make up a box assembly for the inside.

So there you have it. A guide book ‘ole. Or a camera ‘ole. Or a gloves ‘ole. It’s not tall enough to be a beer bottle ‘ole….

I even polished the makers plate before refitting it!

This morning we had a fair bit of traffic streaming past, then it eased off around lunchtime only to kick off again later in the afternoon. Some considerate, slowing down as they passed, some not so, then having to hastily select reverse to line up for the narrow aqueduct just around the corner.
Funnily enough it wasn't so much the hire boats that were chasing about....

Locks 0, miles 0

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