Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just a Quickie

Only a short post tonight; I want to get out and enjoy the evening sunshine, rather than sitting here tapping away! I do have a good view from the hatch here, though.

Moored at South FlashSAM_0393 South Flash

Leaving Anderton we passed Bruce and Sheila’s old boat moored outside the marina.

Original NB SanitySAM_0371 Bruce and Sheila's Ex

Marbury Wood looked splendid with the sun spearing through the green canopy…

Marbury WoodSAM_0373 Marbury

Just around the corner are some quiet moorings looking out towards Great Budworth. It was quieter still in January 2010, when we were stuck here for 3 weeks.
SAM_0374 Budworth Moorings

From here to the Lion Salt Works at Marston the canal is on a new line built in 1958 to bypass a section that was in danger of disappearing down into old salt workings.

“New” 1950’s channelSAM_0378 New Bit
I’m not sure where the original route ran, probably to the west (left). It’s all been lost due to subsidence.

We left the rural section to swing around to the east of Northwich, turning to the south at Wincham Turn. Wincham Wharf is busy as usual, several canal-related businesses operate from here.

Wincham WharfSAM_0382 Wincham Wharf
There’s been a few boats about today, we gave way to a convoy of three at Broken Cross.

Bridge 184SAM_0388 Broken Cross

We moored on the southerly of the two flashes south of Rudheath, getting tied up at around 1 o’clock. Initially on our own, but now there’s several boats here.

It’s been another fantastic day, a day for spotting youngsters following Mum and Dad around.

Ducklings near MarstonSAM_0380
Cygnets near Broken Cross SAM_0386

The flashes are well know for their populations of Great Crested Grebes.
No “grebelings” to be seen yet.

I opened the side hatch alongside the dinette and got mugged by this lot….
I don’t think you can get enough of chick pics, do you?

Locks 0, miles 5½

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