Monday, May 07, 2012

Southbound from Marple

We left Marple today for a short excursion down to Macclesfield. There were still quite a few boats about even though the day was cold and windy. At least we had very little of the forecasted rain, just a few drops around noon.

First off we had to queue for the service point, getting under way properly at around 11:00.
That burnt-out narrowboat is still tied up at the wharf.

It’s sad to think that this was someone’s pride and joy….DSCF0684

It must have been a hot fire to account for the total destruction of the interior and the warping of the steelwork.

I promise – no more mills for a bit!
But you have to admit, the Victorians had a certain style when it came to designing industrial buildings.

Rising unemployment, double-dip depression, crappy weather? You choose.DSCF0688

We pulled in at around 13:00 opposite Lyme View Marina.  The weather is supposed to be a bit better tomorrow.

Locks 0, miles 5

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