Friday, May 11, 2012

Punk Duck and Curious Heron

At Bridge 18 today, a duck with an unusual sense of style….

It’s Punkduck!DSCF0690 Punk Duck

And further on near High Lane, a curious heron.

Wot you lookin’ at?SAM_0030 Curious Heron

On the canalside moorings of Lyme View Marina is our sister boat Orchard Marina No 59. (Don’t know the name). She was in build the same time as Seyella and was sold shortly after.

OML 59SAM_0026 OML 59
I don’t think she gets out much…

It was a pretty grim sort of morning, in fact it’s not been much better this afternoon, but by dinner time we thought we’d better make a move. We watered up and got rid of the rubbish at Higher Poynton, coming in to the wharf as a chap was releasing some ducklings and their mum into the

Ducklings away, mum’s still in the blue carrier.SAM_0035 Duck Release
Not sure how well they’ll do though. There’s already a sizeable population of ducks and Canada geese here. They may not take too kindly to the interlopers.

There’s some splendid paintwork to be admired on NB Gerbera, Braidbar No 135, nearing completion at Lord Vernon’s Wharf.

Smart, eh!SAM_0036 Splendid Paintwork
We toddled on, through spits and spots of rain and the odd brief sunny spell, passing poor old NB Blue Belle in the cutting leading to High Lane.

NB Blue Belle – unloved, uncared for, unlicenced. And sinking. What a shame.SAM_0039 NB Blue Belle

Instead of going into Marple for the weekend we decided to stay out of the way, so pulled in just before Bridge 5. Not a bad little spot, and it’s not far to the town…


We will head in to spend Sunday night there, so we’re poised to tackle the locks on Monday morning. Meanwhile though we’ll wait here. NB Alton is due sometime tomorrow, so we can fill with diesel and get some more solid fuel. When is this cold weather going to end?

One advantage with all this rain though is that at least some of it is running into the reservoirs. BW have relaxed (not removed) restrictions on lock flights in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, so with a bit of luck we'll still be able to make it to the Nene in June.

Locks 0, miles 4.

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