Friday, April 27, 2012

Two to lift, one to swing.

We moved on again a little way today, better weather encouraging a bit of cruising. We toddled on to between New Mills and Furness Vale, taking in 3 moveable bridges as we went.

Before we set off Meg and I took a walk up onto the ridge overlooking the mooring.

Looking up at MarpleridgeDSCF0478 Marpleridge

It was worth the bit of a climb up the slope, good views across the Goyt Valley opened up as we got higher.

Looking back at the canal and mooringDSCF0468 Canal from Marpleridge

Looking north-east from the top of the ridgepano

We dropped down off the ridge, picking up the canal again at Strines Aqueduct.

Strines Aqueduct
DSCF0473 Strines Aqueduct

Amazingly it was still dry when we moved off shortly after 11:00, with just about 10 minutes to go to the first lift bridge, Turf Lea.

Approaching Turf Lea Lift BridgeDSCF0479 Turf Lea Lift Br

This and the next at Wood End are hydraulically operated, but powered by winding the pump by hand. For short bridges they’re quite hard work!

Higgins Clough Bridge, at the edge of Disley, is a swing bridge, similar to those on the Leeds and Liverpool. It just needed unlocking then a gentle shove. Bliss.

New Mills is the home of the Swizzels factory, Matlow’s. It sits alongside Bridge 26, but I couldn’t smell any sweets in the air today; maybe they weren’t cooking.

Matlow’s sweet factory at New MillsDSCF0483 Mattlow's at New Mills

We intended to stop in New Mills but couldn’t find anywhere we fancied so went through the town and pulled in with some other boats before Carr Swing Bridge. It’s a popular spot, with open views across the valley but close enough to the town for supplies.

Looking back towards New Mills, the Sheffield to Manchester railway viaduct in the foreground, the spire of St George’s Parish Church just visible , Lantern Pike (1217 ft) on the horizon.DSCF0485 New Mills and railway

View from the galley window this afternoon.DSCF0487 From Moorings

There have been odd spits and spots of rain, but nothing of any substance. I think we’ll probably stay here for the weekend.

Locks 0, miles 3½

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