Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Bye, Bye Lucy

We got a call from Sue this morning; her dog Lucy had died and she was ringing round those who were fond of her. She’d not been well for a couple of weeks, following some sort of accident.

She’s arguably the best known boat dog on the system, and there’s a lot of people who’ll miss her. She was invariably good natured, always pleased to meet people. Sue and Vic will be in bits, of course, but I bet her companion hound, Meg, will be  confused and upset, wondering where her mate has gone.

She had an amazing knowledge of the canal system, acquired over 13 years of travelling on NB No Problem. Now she’s different pastures to explore, the wide open meadows where dogs go, where wind and limb are strong again, the bones are always juicy and beds warm and comfortable.

So long, Lucy.Lucy


Sue said...


That is a wonderful tribute to a wonder boat dog.

Gosh tears again as I write, but a big thankyou Geoff xxx

Carol said...

This is a lovely posting Geoff.