Thursday, April 12, 2012

Technology troubles

I’m waiting for the third bit of equipment to go wrong. These things always seem to come in threes, don’t they?

Our inverter/charger remote control has chosen to rebel, it makes it’s own mind up now whether to show the state of the battery bank, and even if it wants to switch on at all.

Mastervolt remote control and monitor.DSCF0349 Typical, it’s working now!

It’s not the end of the world, it’s just convenient being able to switch the inverter on or off in the galley. A new one is £160, but I might see if  can find an agent to get it sorted.

The second problem is my Samsung camera. That’s also developed a mind of it’s own, taking photos when it wants and locking out the menu and mode buttons. The battery has to be removed to reset the functions, then they go awry again as soon as a picture is taken. Video mode just freezes the camera completely….
It was bought from Argos near Leicester last September, but they allow you to return goods to any of their stores. I arranged to take it into Congleton today, as we were passing through. Unfortunately, as it’s more than 30 days old, it has to be sent away for assessment, then either repaired or replaced. So we’ll wait and see on that one.

So I’m back to using the good old Fuji, that's fine apart from the LCD backlight having failed. So it takes pictures OK but you can’t tell exactly what it’s pointing at… so if the pictures on the posts look a little odd over the next couple of weeks… blame the camera!

Anyway, back to the action. Meg was fascinated this morning, spending 5 minutes just sitting on the towpath watching this youngster having breakfast at the milk bar…

Breakfast time.SAM_0049 Milk Bar

It was fine and bright when we set off, but storm clouds were gathering over Mow Cop Castle…

Looking a bit grim…SAM_0056 Mow Cop

The original milestones have been relocated along the canal. They were removed as a precaution during WWII.

Typical Macclesfield Canal milepostSAM_0058 Milestone In keeping with the scenery through which it passes, the canal architecture is rugged and durable.

Another structure which is no-nonsense but aesthetically pleasing is the snake bridge, of which there are two in Congleton.

Bridge 77 at Lamberts Lane, NB Bohemian just coming through.SAM_0061 Known as roving or turn-over bridges elsewhere, these allow the boat horse to swap over to the other side of the canal without unhitching the tow-rope.

Beyond the bridge is Congleton Wharf, with a large converted mill on the left. We moored here while I made a trip into town to drop off the camera and do a bit of shopping, then pushed on a bit further.

Mess of bridges at Hightown.DSCF0324 Hightown Bridges
Two road, 1 rail.

We were considering heading a couple of miles to Buglawton (love that name), but as we came out onto the embankment over the valley to the east of the town it started to sleet. We’d had odd showers earlier, but decided to call it a day here. In the summer this is a popular spot, with superb views both sides. Today we’re alone.

Moored on the embankment, The Cloud on the horizon.DSCF0344
Looking NW….DSCF0326 View NW
….and SEDSCF0327 View SW
You can tell from the pics that the day had turned dull and damp.

Meg and I had a walk to the railway aqueduct and around the meadows alongside. Not too long, it was raining again…

Congleton railway viaductDSCF0332 Railway Viaduct

Looking back at the embankment from below, Seyella on the skyline.DSCF0336

The stream in the valley comes through the embankment here.DSCF0341 Under the embankment

There’s been a few boats about today, both hired and private. Not sure what we’re doing tomorrow, we’ll wait on the weather.

Locks 0, miles 3¾

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