Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Home from home…

Well we’re back at Hest Bank again! It really is becoming a second home, the locals are getting to know Meg and I when we go out onto the shore to play ball.

It wasn’t planned, the idea was to get to Lancaster today, but the rain the afternoon made cruising less than enjoyable so we called a halt here. Ironically it’s a fine sunny evening now.

We had Joan and Bob come to visit us yesterday. They moor their narrowboat Caroline at Wakefied, and were at a loose end so decided to come across.

We had one of Mag’s spectacular shepherd’s pies for lunch and spent the afternoon catching up with happenings since we last met in June.

Today we were raring to go, Lancaster was our primary objective but if we did really well Galgate was possible. After my morning run, dog walk and a shopping trip to Tesco we untied and moved towards the sanitary station to fill and empty tanks. What should have taken ½ an hour finally took nearer 2 as there were two boats already on the water point. Consequently it was close to 1 o’clock before we left Carnforth.

The day had started brightly but grey clouds were starting to roll in by this time.

The rain started, gently at first, as we reached Bolton-Le-Sands.

I guess it’s OK to use the Waterbus moorings….

Most of the bridges on the canal are of nicely weathered stone, but Bolton Town End Bridge must have been replaced when the A6 was widened.

Bolton Town End Bridge.

At least they decorated it with a cast concrete balustrade….

We saw one or two boats on the move today, but overall the canal remains quiet. I’m glad we’re up here and not queuing for locks on the more popular canals.

I wonder if this house is called “Bay View”?

It must have fine views across the bay from it’s elevated position.

The rain got heavier and I got wetter, so Mags wasn’t surprised when I headed for the bank at around 14:30.

We’ve had a phone call this evening, Mags’ grandson Steven and family want to come and see us tomorrow, so we’ll head for Lancaster for late morning. We’ll probably toddle on down to Galgate later in the day.

Locks 0, miles 3½

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