Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Busy at Bilsborrow

Two days without visitors, we’re feeling bereft! We had a quiet day yesterday, catching up with a few things that get put off when we have guests. Today we pulled back to make use of the services, then set off south, intending to moor at Bilsborrow.

Coming out of Garstang, Ultima and Thule looking good.

The day started reasonably promising, quite bright after overnight rain. But it wasn’t to last; grey clouds rolled in and we’ve had a generally damp trip.

Looking back to the Bowland Fells, Dunkenshaw Fell just in the cloud base.

We arrived in Bilsborrow soon after 1 o’clock, but all the moorings (apart from a really shallow bit) were full.

Bilsborrow moorings.

It seems to be a very popular spot, there was very little room when we stopped here on the way north.

So we had to forego the much anticipated fish and chips, and pushed on into the countryside. We found a pleasant spot only about ½ a mile further, and unusually were able to get both ends in! Well, almost. The rudder blade is stuck in the mud.

Moored just out of Bilsborrow.

Busy towpath with good fish and chips for tea versus quiet towpath and cook your own. I know what I prefer…

The canal has been a bit quieter today with the Bank Holiday weekend over. Still a few boats about, though. We had a passing chat with a couple of boats we’ll be sharing the crossing with next Saturday. It looks like there’ll be 4 narrowboats going over the Ribble.

The hawthorn bushes are well laden up here. Are we going to have a winter like last year?

Lots of berries. Harsh winter?

This afternoon I've changed the engine oil and filter, checked the gearbox oil level, topped up the batteries and filled the stern tube greaser. Just need to fill up with diesel tomorrow and we're all set for the weekend.

Locks 0, miles 5.

I’m running The Great North Run to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

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