Monday, August 01, 2011


Heth on Takey Tezey left a comment for me this morning…

”Helloooo Geoff & Mags,
Glad you enjoyed the rest of your trip down the quirky yet beautiful Rufford canal!
Just seen Liberty Belle go past us & another boat on their way towards you!
Have a great time, will be thinking about you tomorrow.”

Dave and Barbara on NB Liberty Bell have been in Liverpool with friends Dave and Janet on their own boat, NB Yesdear.

We exchanged greetings earlier this year with D and B, and they said they’d booked the Ribble Link for a trip in August, as had we. What we didn’t know was that we’re both on the same crossing!

Even spookier, the only times we’ve travelled together have involved tidal waters. We first met them on the Trent in 2007, then by chance saw them on the Thames in 2009, and here we are again ready for the Ribble in 2011. Wonder where we’ll be in 2013?

All three boats are now moored near Sollom, with just 2 miles and one swing bridge to negotiate before we head out onto the tidal River Douglas and thence to the Ribble tomorrow afternoon. The lockie has already been in touch, asking where we are, assuming that we’d spend the night in Tarleton. But we don’t need to be there until 11:42, so may as well cruise down in the morning.

A brew and gossip on the back of Liberty Bell

Janet and Dave (Yesdear), Dave and Barbara (Liberty Bell).

The forecast isn’t brilliant for tomorrow, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

This morning Meg and I had a walk back towards Rufford, camera in hand. I’ve been experimenting with different settings, to improve the results.

Close ups today….

Investigating a water lily….

And an evidently very tasty dandelion!

Locks 0, miles 0

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