Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shorts Weather!

That’s it, the long trousers have gone into storage, and the shorts are out! With temperatures in the high 20s the last couple of days, it’s time to top the tan up.

We didn’t move yesterday, catching up with a bit of work, but a lot of other boaters did.

The 7 day moorings where we’d stopped filled up on Monday evening, then nearly emptied yesterday morning, before filling up again later.

We joined the throng today, but later in the morning when the rush had subsided.

Leaving Hawkesbury

There’s quite a community of live-aboards now, just up from the junction.

About a mile from the junction there’s another disused arm, this leading to the now demolished Newdigate Colliery.

Newdigate Colliery Arm

This area was peppered with collieries, making the Coventry and Oxford Canals busy routes, shifting boatloads of coal to demanding industry. The mines are now all closed, the structures dismantled and the shafts capped. The spoil heaps have mostly been landscaped, and are being recolonised by nature.

At Bridge 14 stands the Navigation Inn, but you’ll not get a pint here at the moment.

Navigation Inn, closed for business.

Charity Dock is always worth a look, to see what’s changed since we last came this way.

Charity Dock

2½ miles after setting off we approached Marston Junction, and the Ashby Canal.

Round the blind turn under Bridge 15, Marston Junction visible through the arch.

Turning onto the Ashby.

Oddly enough, the junction bridge carrying the Coventry Canal towpath isn’t Bridge 1. That distinction goes to Orton’s Bridge, a couple of hundred yards on.

The Ashby heads east-ish, away from the built up areas of Bedworth and Nuneaton, into rolling farmland. We pulled over on a spot we’ve used before, near Burton Hastings.

We’ll stay here tomorrow, then Friday we’re heading into Hinckley to Trinity Marina and a weekend berth. On Sunday I’ve got my first event of 2011, a half-marathon in Liverpool. Looking forward to it…. I think.

Locks 0, miles 5

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Good luck Geoff - go for it as George would say!