Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eeh, what a bonny day…

Although windy and with the odd shower it’s been a fine day. Long sunny intervals accompanied us south on the Grand Union. We got away just before 11:00 leaving the Heron’s Nest pub behind.

Heron’s Nest with it’s own moorings. I wish they'd painted ALL the bridge, though.

All along both sides of the canal here are moorings run by the Black Buoy Cruising Club. You might be forgiven for assuming that the club is named after the next pub along, The Black Boy.

There are some very nice mock-Tudor houses near the canal, this one near Bridge 68.

A little further on we passed NB Poppy near Bridge 66,

NB Poppy

And then NB Rock’n’Roll watering up just beyond

Our travelling companions, George and Carol.

Approaching Kingswood Junction we met Julia from NB Poppy, out for a walk. She was interested in the effect of painting the deckhead, as I am in the process of doing, so hopped aboard for a look. They’re looking to do the same.

Done bit.

Still to do bit.

We pulled in through the link to use the services on the Stratford Canal, then, with the help of the wind, turned around and returned to the Grand Union.

The canal winds a lot more around picturesque Turner’s Green, just beyond the village, nestling below the canal, is another old farmhouse.

Ivy House Farm. Nothing “mock” about this architecture!

Before Rowington Bridge the canal cuts through a ridge, and there’s an impressive run-off from the higher ground on the off-side.

At maybe 20 feet high, I bet this is spectacular in wet weather!

We pulled over behind R’n’R shortly after the bridge, with fine views out over the valley.

I’d suggested to George and Carol that they find a pleasant spot for tonight. They certainly succeeded!

Our overnight mooring.

With such a lovely afternoon to be enjoyed it seemed a shame to spend time inside, so The Rockers and I took the hounds out for a long walk.

Down the towpath to Shrewley Tunnel, then back across the fields on footpaths and bridleways.

Shrewley Tunnel, with an unusual towpath tunnel on the right.

Near death experience?

Not St Peter, just an over-exposed George and Molly at the end of the towpath tunnel.

All in all we’ve had a belting day, one of those that reminds us why we do this and how lucky we are to be able to.

Locks 0, miles 5½

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Heth said...

We did the middle bit instead -right thru the boat, hard work but well worth it...!

PS: I got the idea from a design mag!