Friday, March 11, 2011

Poised for flight.

The Hatton flight of 21 locks, of course. They reopened today after winter maintenance, and have already had a bit of traffic heading down. Not seen anyone coming up, though, we’ll have to hope for some coming in this direction tomorrow.

The small Rowington village, just along from where we were moored, has a fine church, dating back to the middle of the 12th century.

Rowington parish church, dedicated to St Laurence.

This tomb has been pushed apart by a tree growing through it.

One of several fine yew trees in the chuchyard

On the way back, a field full of inquisitive sheep, with our boats just visible on the bend in the distance.

We left our splendid mooring at around 1 o’clock this afternoon. It had been a fine sunny morning after a chilly night, but clouded in around noon and a cool breeze sprang up.

Just caught a glimpse of this chap out of the corner of my eye, near Bridge 60.

A hurried photo, I’m afraid.

There are a pair of workboats under restoration tied up near Bridge 61.

The difference between the counters of the motor and the butty is obvious. The butty on the left is designed to be towed, either by a motor boat or horse, and has flowing lines to move the water along. The motor on the other hand has the swim further forward, below the waterline, and a pressure plate (uxter) above the prop to prevent cavitation. Above water it’s functional rather than pretty.

Although we had no rain, we got quite wet going through Shrewley Tunnel.

Shrewley Tunnel, prepare for a dousing.

Coming out at the east end, R’n’R still getting a boat wash.

The tunnel is brick lined throughout, understandable as it’s cut through loose shale.

It must have been easy but quite dangerous boring through this stuff.

Another mile and a bit and we pulled over on the visitor moorings above Hatton Locks. We had a walk down to the bottom and back, the Rockers haven’t been this way before and were suitably impressed. An early start tomorrow….

Locks 0, miles 3

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