Friday, March 25, 2011

Change of County

The wonderful weather is still with us, I wonder how long it’ll last?

I got a few bits and pieces done yesterday, the main one being a good clean through the boat, mats and rugs vacced, the floors washed and the last set of curtains laundered.

Then it was Dog Grooming Part II (Part I was Wednesday). A thorough going over takes some time, as Meg doesn’t like her hair pulled, and loses patience easily! A couple of hours gentle teasing and she’s 99% tangle free. Now all she needs is a shower. That’s even MORE fun!

We had a lovely sunset last evening, the best for a few days.

Sunset on Thursday.

This morning Meg and I had a walk around Burton Hastings. A small farming community, like many in the area, it has a fine 14th C church.

St. Botolph’s, Burton Hastings.

St. Botolph was a 7th Century monk, Saxon by birth and sent to the continent with his brother for their education. The family must have been fairly well off, although Botolph’s story is hazy. It is believed that the town of Boston in Lincolnshire was named for him, after he built (had built) a monastery there, although there are also indications that the building was at Iken in Suffolk, a lot further south.

We got away at around 11:30, leaving our quiet mooring at “Hospital Corner”. The Ashby isn’t known for it’s dry towpaths, but this stretch has a good, clean, grassy bankside.

Moorings near Bridge 8

There’s a pair of swans setting up home just around the corner. Dad was patrolling while Mum had a nap….


They’re on the offside, so shouldn’t be disturbed, although they are among some moored boats.

Just about where they’re nesting we passed from Warwickshire to Leicestershire, but the rolling countryside is still just as peaceful.

Leicestershire countryside.

We topped up the water tank near Bridge 15 where the Roman Watling Street still carries traffic after 2000 years, then cruised slowly into Hinckley.

Under Watling Street

The road is still there, but the traffic is a tad faster….

Hinckley Wharf Arm

This arm used to run to a large warehouse and wharf managers house. The building is still there on the Coventry Road but the arm doesn’t reach it anymore.

Shortly after we arrived at Trinity Marina, with the busy Brewer’s Fare restaurant alongside the canal.


We moored up on our allocated berth, plugged in and set up the TV. Then I went off for a car from Enterprise, ready for the weekend.

Locks 0, miles 3

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