Thursday, September 23, 2010

Odds and ends at Millers Bridge

Since coming out of the marina on Tuesday we’ve been moored near Miller’s Bridge, just a mile nearer Loughborough. Hey, we get about, don’t we!

Leaving Pillings Lock Marina

We’ve enjoyed our 2 stays at Pillings, friendly people in the office as well as on the moorings. But we start to get a bit “stir crazy” after a while in the same spot, however good the location or the reason for being there.

Swan family preening
While here I’ve been getting on with preparing the new cratch board for fitting. The main paint coats are on, now I’m painting the diamond pattern on the outside while it’s flat on the roof. It’s easier here than perched on the foredeck after it’s mounted.
I’m also making a small folding table to mount on the inside of the panel.

Mags had her **th birthday on Monday, we didn’t do anything special, just had a pleasant day. She got more cards than I did!

We’ll be moving on tomorrow, we’ve a Tesco delivery scheduled a couple of bridges away, then we aim to toddle through Loughborough, probably ending up at Zouch. Then Sunday we’ll be picking up brother Andy and family at Kegworth for a day’s cruise. Weather permitting we’re going up to Nottingham and back.

I see Great North Runners weren’t the only ones putting their bodies through it last weekend. Amy and James rowed a marathon from Lincoln to Boston. Called the Boston Rowing Marathon, at 31 miles it’s a bit more than the road marathon distance of 26.2 miles. Well done you.
And my admiration goes to Chris Moon. Maffi posted about him on Monday after meeting him. Running 36 miles a day is no mean feat if you’ve got both legs….

The Leeds and Liverpool Canal is now fully open, although with opening time restrictions and limited passages on some stretches. It’s a bit late in the season now. The L&L is not particularly busy at the best of times, from now on into the winter there’ll be little traffic anyway.
It’s destroyed the confidence in BW’s ability to maintain the network though. One hire boat operator is calling it a day after this season.

But it’s not just our canals that suffer from poor water supply and limited resources…. this story from Illinois, USA.

Locks 0, miles 1

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Mo said...

We will be looking out for you - we've got the family this weekend and are cruising from Nottingham to Zouch - if we make it - and back. We may pass en route, otherwise maybe we will see you some time over the next couple of weeks if you are coming up through Nottingham.