Thursday, September 30, 2010

A cobweb morning…..

The spiders were out in force last night, spinning frantically. The webs were clearly outlined with droplets of water from the mist.

Damp webs under Zouch Bridge
Misty morning, looking back to Zouch Lock.
One of those ethereal autumn mornings, soft pearly light as the sun comes up.

We’d moved the couple of miles to just above Zouch Lock yesterday. We managed to avoid the rain showers till we were tied up. It’s not so noisy from passing aircraft here.

Today was reckoned to be a fine day, sandwiched between two poor ones, so we toddled into Loughborough. The forecast was right, the mist burned off by the time we set off and it’s been a warm sunny day.

Some fine houses on the waterfront at Normanton.

Just below Bishop Meadow Lock the river comes back in to the navigation after leaving at Pillings Flood Lock. It's described a 4¾ mile loop north and east around the town, passing Cotes and Stanford on Soar. Our route though is all artificial cut through Loughborough.

In comes the river, we’re now on canal.

We filled and emptied at Bishop Meadow, then ascended our second and last lock of the day.

Loughborough Lock and lock house
We moored a little further on, around the corner near The Albion Inn. Not stopped here before, so we’ll see how it goes.

Locks 3, miles 5 (since Tuesday)

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