Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back in Pillings

We spent a couple of nights at Sileby Mill, then dropped down the lock and filled the diesel and water tanks at the boatyard. The last fuel fill showed us using a bit more than our average 1lt per hour. I put it down to cruising on the Severn and Avon, and I reckon I was right; we’re back to normal now.

After filling we moved on downstream, through Mountsorrel Lock and moored just above Barrow Boating at Barrow upon Soar.

Immigrants. Jersey cows and Canada geese, near Barrow.
We stopped here on the visitor moorings next to the weir until today, then moved the last couple of miles back down to Pillings Lock Marina.

BW Boat Survey. Easier from the water than the towpath…
The marina is our base for the weekend, on Sunday we’ll be up in Newcastle Upon Tyne for the Great North Run. Wish me luck! And if you intend to sponsor me for Cancer Research UK and haven’t got around to it yet….. just click on this link. Ta!

I’ve been constructing a new cratch board, the old one is getting a bit soft on the corners. It’s a substantial panel, made from 2 thicknesses of 18mm marine ply laminated together. I’ve got to the stage of painting while at Barrow, and glossed one side yesterday. The weather being dodgy I did it inside, but we both suffered a bit from the fumes, so for the second coat I moved it out onto the roof this morning. Just got the paint on and the sky turned from blue to grey. An hour later our one and only shower today blew over, so now the finish is dull and mottled. I’ll have to leave it a few days before rubbing down and recoating.

New cratch board, rubbish paint job.
We got moored up and booked in here at the marina, and settled down with a cup of tea. Mags started chuckling while she was eating one of those fruit and nut bars.

Fruit and nut…..
This is why. On the wrapper……

“Those of you who enjoy reading the backs of ‘certain packs’ will be a little disappointed when we tell you this bar probably won’t change your life and it certainly won’t prolong it. Sadly, there’s not even evidence to suggest that it’ll make you more attractive. No. it’s just a bar of nuts and fruit.
Mind you, when it comes to taste…..”

Good, eh.

Locks 3, miles 4

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