Thursday, September 09, 2010

An eventful week…..

We came out of Pillings Lock Marina today, after a busy week.
First was Sunday’s trip up to Sheffield for the Great Yorkshire Run, a city centre 10k. It was a good day for a run, cool and dry, but there was a head wind to deal with on the way back.
I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped, a couple of minutes slower than my PB for the distance, but still came in 611th out of 8000, so not so bad. In my age category I came in 22nd.
The Australian distance runner, Craig Mottram, came in first, just beating Chris Thompson into 2nd place.

Looking forward to the Great North Run now, on the 19th.

As I mentioned on the last post, I’ve had a niggling vibration/noise/rumble from the prop shaft at certain revs. So on Tuesday morning I dropped Mags and Meg off with Dad and took Seyella round to the slipway to be hauled out.

Out on the slipway.
I was worried about getting the old prop off, but with heat and a big hammer it came off easily.

Out with the old……
And in with the new.
I replaced the shaft and centre tube (the bearing that the shaft runs in) and fitted the original prop.

All back together again.
And back into the water
The old shaft is pretty worn
I motored gently back round to our berth, and checked and adjusted the engine alignment before putting the new assembly under heavy load. The engine mounts have settled a bit, but well within the limits of the coupling. I adjusted them anyway, to get the best possible line-up.

We left this morning, swinging out of the marina onto the river towards Barrow. You can imagine my disappointment to discover that the noise hasn’t gone away. It’s quieter, and seems to have moved up the rev range a bit, but it’s still there. Damn!
Ah well, have to think of something else. At least I’m eliminating each potential cause in turn. I’m bound to get the right one in the end!

Leaving Barrow we got embroiled in a brawl between rival pairs of swans.
They’re very territorial, and I guess a new couple were trying to muscle in. The residents soon shifted the interlopers, though.

We ended up moored just above Sileby Lock.

The next job on the agenda (there’s always something!) is to get the cratch cover modified and build a new cratch board. This is the canopy and frame across the front deck. I had the cover made so that it could be opened from the top to let air in without letting the dog out. But it was never that successful, so we’re going to have it changed back to a standard design. Reg at Boat Hoods Direct is going to have a look at it.
The triangular board which supports the front of the canopy is getting a bit rotten around the bottom so I’m making a new one from 2 thicknesses of 18mm exterior ply, laminated to give a substantial frame. I made a start on cutting the wood this afternoon. I probably won’t get much done tomorrow, the forecast looks a bit damp.

Locks 3, miles 4½

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