Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Splendid weather and chance meetings

What a fine few days we’ve had. Although there’s been hard frosts overnight, leaving a skin of ice on the canal, the days have been sunny and warm.

I’ve taken the opportunity to get some paintwork touched up, particularly around the back hatch where I’ve recently fitted new slides to the framework. Yesterday afternoon I was sat out on the bow, polishing brasses, in my shirtsleeves!
And, of course, there's been long walks with Meg.

Derelict MV Chica

From Dutton Lock
The horse bridge over the weir stream, and the railway viaduct in the background.

We decided we’d better head back towards civilisation today, so set off back to Anderton. A bit cooler today with a fresh breeze, but still mainly sunny.

A short but enjoyable cruise above the Weaver valley, through the 2 tunnels and past the boat lift.

Beautiful setting for Bridge 204

We’d just pulled in on the visitor moorings when a boat appeared around the corner in front of us. That looks familiar…. Sue and Vic on No Problem!
Their dogs, Meg and Lucy, jumped off and immediately got involved in a melee of barks and waggy tails from our Meg.
The human greetings were a little more restrained…. but just as sincere.

They pulled in in front of us, and we swapped news, then this evening Sue and I took the dogs for a ramble around the footpaths.
They’d had a Tesco delivery at the water point, and there’s an amusing tale relating to mushrooms, but you’ll have to go to Sue’s blog to read about it…

We’re both just stopping here overnight, then going our separate ways again.

Yesterday’s online Guardian carried an article regarding the proposal to move British Waterways into the “Third Sector”. This is apparently newspeak for charitable status, which would give the organisation more flexibility in sourcing funding. With central government grants falling, something needs to be done to ensure that the waterways we have don’t fall back into the decay of the 60’s. This is one alternative that could work, with managers in charge that have the right mindset. Not just doing a job, but doing it with passion.

Sue on NB Cosy Toes commented on my last post. The winding hole at the end of the Runcorn Arm is after the pontoons, just before the bridge. Thanks, Sue. I didn’t go that far up. My fault. Sorry if I sounded a bit down-beat about the trip. I didn’t mean to. A useful tip about the BMBC club, which we may well take advantage of in the future. And Sue, you started well, how about updating the blog?

Locks 0, miles 4

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