Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The countryside beckons.

After an enjoyable couple of days in the bustle of Anderton, we felt that we needed a bit of peace and quiet. So we headed off northward, through Barnton and Saltersford tunnels, to a spot above the River Weaver after saying our goodbyes to Chas and Ann on Moore 2 Life.

Leaving Anderton

On the left is Anderton Marina, on the right, Uplands.

Between the two tunnels there’s a wide basin, with an access road down to the Weaver and Saltersford Lock.
This must have been built for a reason as the canal is cut into the valley side at this point. An awful lot of material has been moved to create the wide.

Saltersford Tunnel is quite constricted at it’s northern end.
A couple of miles beyond the tunnels the canal runs 50 feet above the river, giving fine views down the valley to Frodsham.

Looking over the Weaver.
It’s been another sunny day after a frosty night. The forecast is predicting more cloud for the rest of the week. But still fairly mild. At last…

Our mate Carol, down in Shardlow, has sent me this link to a mail forwarding company. Sounds interesting, especially the “network of mail receiving agents on, or as close as possible to the water system”. And at £7 a month including postage for the cheapest option, it’s pretty reasonably priced, too. I’ve added a link on the right, for future reference.

Locks 0, miles 4


Putz said...

i really, really can't harldly believe what you are telling us>>>>sold the house?????living on the canals of england?????you sound too conservative to do that>>>i am 67 years old, what do you suggest i do with my time here in the middle of utar...??????really i would like you to give advice to one who probably would be looking for the end of life instead of starting a new one like you two>>>really i am interested in your advice

Geoff and Mags said...

Hey, Putz
Looking at the list of interests on your profile page, I'm surprised you've time to read other peoples blogs!
Seriously, though. Life is an adventure, to be lived as much as possible, and enjoyed to the limit. So why not get out and do what you really want to do, rather than what you feel you have to do, so long as it's not at the expense of others. After all, you might fall under a bus tomorrow......
I guess there's not many canals in Utah, though?

Regards, Geoff