Thursday, March 04, 2010

A bit of a knock-back

I’m feeling a little tee’d off at the moment. With just over three weeks to go to the Liverpool Half-Marathon and my training going really well, I’ve pulled a muscle in my right thigh. Damn!
Kicking Dirt
It was yesterday morning, out on an eight mile fast run when I felt a twinge, but carried on. It was only when I’d cooled down after a shower I realised how painful it was. So now I’ll have to rest it for a few days, then have a couple of tentative runs to see how it goes.

Still, Meg appreciates it. Not being able to run, I can still walk, and we can have longer walks in the mornings now.

There’s a pleasant 2¼ mile amble from where we were moored till this morning.

Along the towpath to Bridge 211 from where there’s a fine view towards Dutton Lock on the river.

Looking towards Dutton Lock
There’s a track down to the river, following the fence line across the middle of the picture.

The bridleway along the river is surfaced and turning right (downstream) takes you over the weir stream to Dutton Lock.

Dutton Lock and Lock House
The impressive piers supporting the sluice gates
Pity about the rubbish piled up against the bridge protection boom.
After a look at the lock and the wreck of MV Chica, head back upstream for about a mile to Acton Swing Bridge.

Looking down river

Acton Swing Bridge
This carries the busy A49 over the Weaver and is still operational although not used very often these days. Perhaps as well, considering how much traffic crosses it.

It pivots on a central pier, by means of steel ropes on capstans.

The central pivot from under the bridge
The engine house.
The cables that haul the bridge around can be seen entering the side of the brick structure.

At this point you leave the river and put up with 100 yards of the main road before turning into a lane on the left, past Bartington Hall and ending up back on the canal at Bridge 210.

Bartington Hall
The Trent and Mersey at Bridge 210
Just 5 minutes back along the towpath and we are back where we started.

A very pleasant hour’s excursion on a gloriously sunny morning.

After breakfast we headed off, north up the canal to Preston Brook.

The tunnel waiting moorings are getting a bit congested. NB Empire seems to be a permanent resident, and now there’s a BW workboat here as well.
Could be interesting when the canal gets busy at Easter….

Out into sunshine at the north end of Preston Brook Tunnel, and Claymoore Navigation’s base is passed, followed by Midland Chandlers.

Claymoore Navigation

We stopped at the chandlers for some bits, then carried on, now on the Bridgewater Canal, turned around at Daresbury and retraced our steps to moor near Red Brow.

Tomorrow we’re going to take the original main line of the Bridgewater, down into Runcorn. There used to be 10 broad locks there, linking up with the Manchester Ship Canal, but they’ve been filled and built over.

Remember, back in the 80’s there was a TV drama series called Travelling Man? It was about an ex-copper who was framed and locked up for a crime he didn’t commit, and who, on his release, spent his time mooching about on his narrowboat Harmony looking for his son, the guy who framed him, and generally righting wrongs. Well, it’s just become available in a DVD box set. I’ll be getting it.

Oh, and I’ve received an email today, about an apparent threat to online security. If you get one, which mentions “Simon Ashton”, just check out before you clog up everyones inbox!

Locks 1, miles 5½


Putz said...

when i was growing up i was always referred to mary by the mersey, she was this forelorn soul by the mersey river

Anonymous said...

I am a medicinal herbalist as well as an NB enthusiast. Weleda makes a very good Arnica cream. soft tissue heals slower than bone. Arnica draws white blood cells to the damaged tissue and brings down the swelling and internal bruising so it heals faster. You should be able to order some online.
Good luck and feel better soon,
Pullma WA USA

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Jaqueline
Arnica, hmm. I've heard of it but never used it. But will take your advice and give it a go. Thanks for your help.
The race runs alongside the River Mersey for 5 miles. If I don't get sorted I could be like Putz's "Mary by the Mersey", a forlorn soul by the river....