Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Weaver walk

We’re still up here on the canal, looking down on the River Weaver from near Bridge 210. The warm(ish) weather has got the old get up and go going, and I’m consciously looking for things to do.
Yesterday I had a clear out in the roof box, making room for paint cans out of the engine room. We’re due our Boat Safety Certificate assessment this year, and I expect that storage of flammables close to the engine would be a definite no-no.I set up a smaller box, just for fenders, to make room.
Today I’ve been making up new rear door liners. When we first got the boat the doors were just plain, painted blue. After I’d laid the laminate floor I’d got several lengths left over, so used them to trim the door panels.

Looks OK, too.It was never intended to be a long-term solution, and damp has got into the bottom corners at the stern, causing them to swell alarmingly. So I’m experimenting making up panels in a traditional style. If they look all right I’ll do the same for the two side hatches.
The weather is still pretty kind, just the odd drop of rain the last two nights. Meg and I have had several good walks, today heading back towards Northwich on the canal, over Saltersford Tunnel and returning along the river.

Ventilation Shaft above Saltersford Tunnel….
Alongside the horse path.
There’s no towpath through the tunnel; the horses were led over the top while the boats were “legged” through.

Looking down on Saltersford lockThe maintenance boat at the larger chamber is there for some work on a ground paddle sluice.

On the towpath side of the river the flood plain is used for grazing or crops. The canal is cut into the bank in the tree line 50 feet up on the right.

There’s one field full of ewes and lambs.

The mums didn’t seem very welcoming…..
but the little 'uns were just curious.
I wonder why caravans aren’t painted to blend in to the countryside, rather than stand out from it?
The walk along the river ends at Acton Bridge.
Just 5 minutes back up the road and you’re on the canal again. Around 1¾ hours, nice and steady.

Miles 0, Locks 0. But some good walks.

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