Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stops and starts

We spent yesterday just pottering, doing those things that always need to be done on a boat.
Had a couple of good walks with Meg, one including a round trip of the lock flight and inclined plane.

Boats in the flight

Inclined Plane top dock
One of the jobs was to organise a Tesco delivery, so we moved down to Black Horse Bridge this morning to meet the van.

Lucky meeting through Foxton Swingbridge. NB Leo was coming through, so we were waved on.

Waiting for Tescoman at Black Horse Bridge.
The deliver was timely, we got everything away and moved down to the new swingbridge near the junction. No such luck here; I had to hop off to open this one.
Then we pulled in again to fill the water tank and I toddled across the car park again with rubbish and a loo cassette.

Filling with water, new swingbridge in foreground.
Filled and emptied, we moved around the corner onto the main line, and moored just short of bridge 63.

The stern is stuck out because it’s sat on the bottom. This was the second spot we tried, the first was even shallower. Perhaps we bought too much shopping. I’m a bit disappointed that BW can’t keep these popular moorings dredged, though the level in the pound does seem a bit low as well. Maybe the rain that’s forecast over the next couple of days will help.

Took Meg out for a walk up to Gumley this afternoon, getting back just before the rain came. Moored in front of us is NB Wineberry. We shared Buckby Locks with Stuart and Ann, helped by Ivan and Julie on NB Jade Marie. This was 12 days ago. They’ve been most of the way round the Leicester Ring while we’ve just done the bit from Norton Junction.
Can’t see anybody aboard, they’ve maybe gone to the pub. I’ll probably say hi tomorrow.

Locks 0, miles 1½

I’m going to be running the Great North Run again this year, and once again I’ll be raising money for Cancer Research UK. Thanks to all your generous donations last year (you know who you are!) I was able to send £435.
This year I’d like to crack the £500 barrier. So, if you enjoy reading the blog, or even if you don’t, please make a donation. As small (or as large!) as you like.
The race is on 20th September this year, and is televised. If you watch closely you might even see yours truly.
I’ve set up a web page on Justgiving, a secure donation website. Click here, or click on the link on the right. Ta lots.

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