Friday, July 17, 2009

An hour to a weekend mooring

We woke up to heavy showers drumming on the roof this morning, so rolled over and went back to sleep again.
It brightened up by 08:00, so Meg and I had a walk, a later than normal breakfast, and then we moved off around 11:00.

Debdale Wharf looked busy, there seemed to be 3 boats queuing to get onto the services dock. I wonder if the diesel is cheap?

Debdale Wharf

Just past the marina the canal has been designated an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Importance).

The site runs the 9½ miles from Kilby Bridge to Foxton, and is considered important due to the biodiversity found here.

I suppose it also means that BW can’t clear the channel or cut the trees back….

Narrow Channel

We pulled over a little after bridge 70, on a nice quiet bit of towpath. The showers returned in earnest this afternoon, accompanied by thunder and lightening. But we were tied up and snug by then.

Thanks to Val in Ingleton who’s kicked of the sponsorship for my Great North Run. Come on, the rest of you!

Locks 0 miles 2½

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