Monday, July 27, 2009

New meetings, family visits and a bit of down and back up the river.

We had a boat join us on Saturday, Mick and Jenny on NB Trundle. Turns out they’re lapsed blog readers - “You used to do a blog didn’t you?” I was asked. I made it clear that there’s no used to about it!
They’ve now caught up with our travels…..
They’re on the way down to the Nene and the Great Ouse, no doubt they’ll meet up with Sue and Vic on No Problem somewhere down there.
Have a good trip, you guys.

We had a phone call from my brother last night, they’re just back from a holiday in Fuentaventura, heard we were local and decided to have a walk down to see us. So we entertained Andy, Nyree, Megan and Luke, and a damp and daft year old labrador called Zack. It was great to see them again, it’s been a while.

Needing water and to get rid of rubbish, we planned to go to Barrow Upon Soar, do the necessaries, turn around and head back to Mountsorrel, mooring above the lock near The Waterside. Dad and my stepmum, Ann, are coming for lunch tomorrow, and this is a handy spot.
The day started a bit grey and damp, but brightened steadily, and the sun was making a brief appearance as we started back to Mountsorrel.

Leaving the weekend mooring and NB Trundle
A grey cruise this morning.
A bit of work has been done at Cossington Lock, with new timber fendering on the stone faced lock landing.

Cossington Lock

The only problem is, it’s been fitted too high for rubbing guard on a normal narrowboat, and it scuffs the paint on the top bend.
It’d be OK if the river was 6” higher, of course.

Down Sileby Lock and past the redeveloped mill, then down Mountsorrel Lock and on to Barrow. I was tempted to pull over on the mooring at Mountsorrel, there was a space available, but we may have been struggling for water in the morning. So we stuck to plan A and filled at the BW facilities next to Barrow Boating.

Near Meadow Farm Marina there is a field full of dappled horses. They look just like those you used to see in old westerns.
I’m always looking for the “Injuns” hiding in the bushes.

By the time we’d returned to Mountsorrel and gone back up the lock the one mooring space had been occupied. Sod’s Law, isn’t it. They’d only just arrived. Ah well.

So we pushed on, back to Sileby and arrived just as the mother of all thunderstorms let loose overhead. I dropped the centre line over a bollard and dived inside, waiting it out before going out to tie up properly.

Sileby Mill

The storm cleared the air, and it’s a fine sunny evening now.

I was delighted to see Lewis Hamilton and Maclaren returning to form, with a win in Hungary yesterday. But it’s tempered with sadness to hear the news that Felipe Massa’s head injury sustained during qualifying on Saturday may prevent him from racing again.
It’s a great shame, after such a freak accident.

Oh, and Meg seems to be lot better now. Her paw is still a bit swollen but the cut seems to have healed cleanly and she's eating again.

Just picked up my emailed stoppage notifications, and this was included:-

Grindley Brook Locks 3 and 4
Monday 27 July 2009 until further notice
Updated 27th July 2009 15.30

Our engineers and contractors are currently working on a temporary repair solution that will enable limited passage through the Grindley Brook Lock Flight.
A full feed of water has now been re-established through the lock flight which will enable us to successfully manage levels below Grindley Brook.
We are hopeful that a restricted system of navigation may be available through the locks in the next 48 hours and will issue another update notice tomorrow, 28th July with further details.

In order to assist customers in the local area we have temporarily extended the opening times of Frankton Locks which will remain open for passage from 12pm until 6pm for the next 48 hrs. In order to book please make contact with our customer service teams before 10am in order to arrange passage.

Winding can be found at Grindley Brook top lock and Wrenbury Lift Bridge.

Please note Hurleston Lock flight will be closed overnight 27th July 2009 to conserve water supplies.

27th July 09 - 10.00am

Due to a canal failure early on Monday 27th July, the canal pound between Grindley Brook Locks 3 and 4 is currently dewatered and the canal is closed to navigation. Movement through locks may be restricted between Hurleston Locks and Grindley Brook whilst water levels are restored.
Further updates will be posted as soon as they are available.

British Waterways apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Enquiries: 01606 723800

Not a good time of year for a major closure on the Llangollen Canal. I imagine there are quite a few boats at the top and bottom of Grindley Brook Locks.

And there’s been another narrowboat fire, this one just south of Leicester, near Dunns Lock.

Locks 5, miles 6½


JennyH said...

jen and mick on NB Trundle here. Thank you for the mention, and I promise to keep reading your blog!!! Nice meeting you both and happy travels to you

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Both
It was good to meet you over the weekend. Have a good trip to the Fens, and give our regards to Sue and Vic if you see them.
All the best,