Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dodging the showers

We were away around 09:30, heading along the last three miles to Foxton Locks. It was another of those sunny, breezy mornings, but with the promise of heavy showers later.

It’s clear we’re approaching Market Harborough. There’s a large base for Canaltime hire and timeshare boats at Union Wharf, and their distinctive pale blue front panels are getting more and more visible out on the water.
We timed our arrival at the top lock pretty well, there were a couple of boats coming up that we had to wait for, but then we were off, at the head of a queue of 4. The wait proved fortunate, the first shower of the day passed over before we set off down.

Off we go.

A short pause to wait to pass another climbing boat in the middle pound, then we were quickly down to the junction. It took just 50 minutes, not the fastest we’ve done it but not bad considering the number of people about asking questions and just generally getting in the way…..

In the flight, the Leicestershire plain stretching out northwards.

Turning right onto the Arm to Market Harborough, we pulled on to the old Foxton Boat Services dock after the new swing bridge, and I toddled across the car park laden with a full loo cassette and a couple of bags of rubbish. Although the lease for the land wasn’t renewed and the company pulled out, 3 of the old FBS boats seem to have returned home.

The heavens opened as I was on my way back to the boat, so we closed the hatches and waited it out. The sun came out again after 20 minutes, so we finished the day by cruising down to the first winding hole, turning and returning to moor near bridge 6.

Black clouds heading towards Market Harborough.
We’ve had a couple more downpours since we pulled in, and the forecast remains unsettled for the rest of the week. Ah well…
We’ll stay here tomorrow, then move back towards Foxton on Thursday morning for a Tesco delivery. Then our immediate plans will depend on the weather.

Locks 10, miles 5


Anonymous said...

Hi Both

sorry I am going to miss you as you passed thru. We are on our way to Oxford - in Banbury at the mo.

Catch up soon

Maggie (Forever Young)

Geoff and Mags said...

Hiya Maggie
Never mind, no doubt we'll catch up again another time. Look after yourselves and enjoy your trip.