Sunday, April 19, 2009

Summer, or am I speaking too soon…

It’s been a glorious weekend, warm and sunny. We’ve taken advantage of the good weather by me having a couple of good runs, and Meg and I doing some long walks. The footpaths around here are good, a lot of grazing land (unoccupied) and arable fields, with the routes well marked.

The towpaths have inevitably been busy, dog walkers, cyclists, and just about anyone who wanted to enjoy the first properly warm days of the year.

We actually moved a bit today, to just below the Red Bull maintenance yard. It’s a handy jumping-off point for Harecastle Tunnel and Stoke tomorrow.

Coming up Lock 44, with NB Talisman IV in the adjacent chamber.
Mum and her 13 ducklings came out to greet us as we moored.

We’ll get off early, fill with water and empty the unmentionables, then we’ve 3 more locks and about a mile to the tunnel entrance. With a bit of luck we’ll be through before 10:00, and heading into Stoke with the downhill stretch ahead.

Locks 3, miles ¾


Cathy said...

Hello there
Just found you through Sissy's blog and am really interested in your life.
Last time I saw narrow boats was in 2006 while we were visiting friends in England. I wrote about them here
Would love you to copy and paste and have a look
Will come back again to read about your adventures
Take care

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Cathy
Glad you like the blog.
Have had a look at your post. Great pics and a succinct description of lock operation. Was trying to decide where you were at the time, but can't place it. Can you remember?