Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chicks by the dozen, boats by the score.

Malcolm and Barbara were off on NB Pilgrim at around 09:00 this morning.
We followed on a bit later. We’d not intended to stop at Rugeley for shopping, I was going to get anything we needed on Saturday at Fradley Stores, when I went up for the mail sent to the PO. But when I set out to make a loaf of bread, I realised I’d used up the flour on the last one. So we had to stop anyway.
We were surprised to be able to get onto one of the 2 moorings right next to Bridge 66 in the centre of town. Lucky, too. I’d just tied up when another boat came along looking for a mooring. And another, and another……

I made a quick trip to Morrisons, and we pulled off the mooring which was immediately taken by another boat.

There were lots of ducklings in the town, and also a family of moorhens.
I’d don’t recall seeing so many youngsters around last year, maybe it’s the mild weather.

At Armitage, where the canal narrows, I hopped off with Meg to check for oncoming traffic while Mags brought the boat through.

In the narrows. Come on, Mum. Keep up!
Then we had a bit of a walk along the towpath, between the railway and the Armitage Shanks factory.

Mags and the Toilet Factory
We pulled in above Shadehouse Lock at 14:30, after another lovely sunny day. Looks like the weather’s on the change though, with rain over the weekend.

Mags, Meg and Ball at Shadehouse.
We’ve seen a regular convoy of boats heading north today, and quite a few in both directions since we moored. Can’t wait till the weekend…..

There’s a “mixed race” family down at Junction Lock. 11 camouflaged ducklings, with 3 bright yellow siblings. Dad must have been one of the white drakes hanging around…

Ah, cute…
Locks 1, miles 9

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