Friday, April 10, 2009

A short cruise to a scenic view.

We stayed put yesterday after Nick and Jackie had left for Middlewich. We’d a few odds and ends to do. The wind had switched overnight, when we arrived it was blowing us off the mooring, but by morning it was blowing us on.
This made for a few near misses, as boats passed us struggling to maintain a straight course. And there were an awful lot of boats about.

We’d stayed for 2 nights on a 48 hour mooring, so decided to pull pins and move a bit nearer to Middlewich. After discussing options, we chose to keep out of the town, staying reasonably close, but on this side. That way I can get in for a bit of shopping tomorrow, but the towpath shouldn’t be so busy.
So we just made a short trip to the moorings between bridges 21 and 22. We’d looked at this spot before, thinking it would be good here, but never actually stopped. We certainly will in future. It’s a fine mooring, with beautiful views across Winsford Top Flash to the west.

We crossed the River Weaver again today, as it winds it way generally northwards.
Wood Anemone and (I think) Marsh Marigolds on the aqueduct embankment Panorama looking west from the boat. 3 Photos stitched together using Autostitch
It seems busier still today, but I suppose the Easter weekend has begun in earnest. We’re tied to rings here, and I’ve put springs and breast ropes on, so the passing traffic isn’t disturbing us at all.

We got a loaf of bread made, and a load of washing done while we had the engine running.

Locks 0, miles 3½

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Dogsontour by Greygal said...

If we could walk on water, we'd be across those two flashes in a flash (!) as that's all that's separating us! It's truly wonderful here - right by the bench, I'm sure you know the spot!

Take care