Saturday, April 04, 2009

Museum Mooching

We were less than an hour away from Ellesmere Port last night, so arrived there before 11:00 this morning.

The M53 travelled with us most of the way…
Ellesmere Port Boat Museum

I took Meg for a walk along the Ship Canal for a bit, went and fetched a paper from the handy Shell Shop, then went in to have a look around. Mags wasn’t interested, so stayed on board with Meg.

Around the Museum.

Top Basin, we’re moored in the middle distance just before the road bridge.
Whitby Locks drop down to the Ship Canal. 1 broad, 1 narrow.

Lots of marvellous machinery in the Power Hall.
Awaiting Attention
Star of the show…. Jo and Rose Skinner’s horse boat “Friendship”
No 12 Porters Row. Modern living in 1950
I spent an enjoyable 2 or 3 hours, just having a good mooch through the exhibits. I could have happily spent longer, but we’d decided not to stop here overnight, so we moved south again at around 15:30. The museum is well worth a visit, and the location, looking out over the Manchester Ship Canal and River Mersey, is outstanding.

We went a bit closer to Chester than our stopping point on Friday night, pulling over near Bridge 134 at around 17:00.

Contrasts – Stanlow Refinery on the left, Delamere Forest in the distance on the right.

It’s a very quiet stretch of canal, this. We’ve only seen a couple of boats moving the last two days. It'll get busier next week though. There's a boat gathering at the museum over the Easter weekend.

Locks 0, miles 6¾

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