Monday, June 30, 2008

Back towards Frankton

We had a quiet day on the mooring yesterday. There was a canoe race along this stretch and we didn’t want to get embroiled in that. The weather started well, but turned wet in the afternoon.

Canoe Race in the rain.
Today we headed back towards Frankton Junction. A better day, with some bright sunny spells. Apart from a couple of boats that passed before we set off, we saw no traffic all day.

Approaching Aston Bottom Lock
A very pleasant cruise, taken at just over tick-over, saw us finish up just before Perry Aqueduct, about 2 miles from the junction.
This is a splendid spot, on the off-side (strictly speaking it’s a holding mooring for the aqueduct) with just enough room for both of our boats.

Moored at Perry Aqueduct.
Did a bit of painting in the afternoon on Seyella, just touching up really on the stem post, rubbing strakes and fender brackets.
We did some small fiddly bits on Corbiere later, but wished we hadn’t. We did it too late, and the dew settling on it caused it to “bloom” (go hazy). So that’ll have to be done again.

Sealy tried out her new lifejacket….

And I cleaned out the fire flue….
Locks 3, miles 4

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