Friday, June 27, 2008

Off the Llangollen and onto the Montgomery.

Just a short day today. I’d booked passage through onto the Montgomery Canal for today, and the locks are only open between 12 and 2, so we were in no rush to get going. Carol arrived at 11:00, having stayed up above the locks last night, and we moved off together at 11:40.
The 3 miles back to Frankton Junction were very busy with boats coming the other way, but, apart from Carol getting tangled up with 2 Canaltime boats at Maerstermyn, we made it without incident.

We arrived at 12:50, and joined the queue to go down the locks behind one other boat. There was a bit of a hold-up, with a broken down boat being manhauled up the locks, but we were on the way again shortly and were through the staircase and the 2 singles by 14:00.

We’d decided to stop over at the moorings on the short stub that is all that is left of the Weston Arm, so, after taking advantage of the facility block sited here, were moored by 14:15.

Moored on the Weston Arm
Feeding the Menagerie with a bit of leftover ham.
It’s been a blustery day, with spits of rain in the wind.

Locks 4, miles 4

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