Friday, June 20, 2008

Reunion at the end of the line.

We were off early again today to try to beat the rush. Just before the aqueduct we passed Creagamor and Sandpiper, both boats out of Orchard Marina. Creagamor had broken down, with a snapped throttle cable, so Sandpiper was going to tow him across the aqueduct to the Anglo-Welsh base at Trevor Wharf.
We went on ahead, and warned a waiting boat on the other side of the situation.

Over the aqueduct
Trevor Wharf
A sharp left turn under the bridge takes you onto to final leg to Llangollen. It’s very shallow along these last few miles; several times we were scraping the bottom. It is not recommended for boats deeper than 27”; we draw 28”!

Narrow and shallow. This is one of the wider bits!

The channel is cut into the slope rising from the valley bottom, and, as you get nearer to the town, is only 1 boat width. I walked ahead to make sure the way was clear while Mags brought the boat through.

We arrived at the moorings above Llangollen at 11:30, passing Corbiere and giving a toot on the horn. A voice shouted, “I’m in the shower!”, Seally started barking, so we went down to the mooring basin at the limit of navigation, winded and came back up to moor behind a now fragrant Carol. (Not that she wasn’t before, of course…).

Moored in Llangollen

After spending a couple of hours catching up and playing ball with the dogs, we went down to do a bit of shopping in the town.

Mags and Carol on the Dee bridge with Banoffee ice-creams.

The repaired Creagamor, followed by Sandpiper, arrived later in the afternoon, full of praise for the guys at Anglo-Welsh.

Locks 0, Miles 6

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