Saturday, June 14, 2008

Grave thoughts in Wrenbury

We got away from our overnight mooring at 10:15 this morning. Just around the corner was the first of the 3 Baddiley Locks, and was empty so we were in and through quickly. The next 2 had boats coming down, so we were able to enter as soon as they were clear.

In Baddiley Locks

We came upon Carol shortly after the top lock. Reg the cat had gone walkabout, so she couldn’t follow us till he turned up.

By 11:30 we’d arrived at Wrenbury, and moored up just before the rebuilt Wrenbury Church Lift Bridge. This had been dismantled for repair last year when we came through. It carries the footpath into the village, through the churchyard.

Wrenbury Church

I had a look around the graveyard, and spotted this inscription on a crypt.
“Who on this should cast an Eye
Think of your own Mortality
Remember that you follow must
And lie here till ye turn to Dust”

Makes you think, don’t it.

After a visit to the handy general store in the village, we set off again to Wrenbury Mill, the Alvechurch Boats hire base. It was very busy here, as it’s turn-around day, so most of the boats were in, being preped for new clients this afternoon. We timed it right, after last week’s hirers got back, and before next week’s sets out.

Wrenbury Mill Lift Bridge
We moored for lunch soon after the lift bridge, to give me a chance to touch up the damage on the new paintwork below the gunwhale. It had suffered against a damaged piling at the waterpoint above Hurleston locks. The towpath changes sides at the next lock, so this is the last opportunity to get to the left side for a bit.
Meg thought we’d stopped for the day, and made herself comfortable on the grass. She wasn’t keen on setting off again!

The face says it all…. Aw Dad, do we have to?

We didn’t go too much further, though. Through Marbury Lock, then another mile or so before stopping near bridge 25.

Moored for the night
The traffic has built up this afternoon as we’ve been sat here. A lot of the boats we’d seen moored in Wrenbury Mill basin seem to be heading for Llangollen.
Carol cruised past later, heading up towards the pub at Willeymoor Lock. Reg had turned up finally, wondering what all the fuss was about.

It’s been another cool day, with odd sunny spells and just one short sharp shower.

Locks 4, miles 6

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