Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to Gargrave today. We’re now on long-life milk, and Mags has had to bake an “emergency” loaf of bread, without yeast. A bit solid, but not so bad. And the loos are about full, the water tank getting low.

We‘ve had a good few days out in the sticks, and, although the weather hasn’t been particularly helpful, I’ve managed to get the RH side below the gunwhale repainted.

So we got off about eleven, and waited for another boat we saw in the distance when we arrived at Bank Newton. It turned out to be a hire boat from Skipton, but my concerns for the new paint when sharing the locks where unfounded, as they were very careful. We travelled down the 6 Bank Newton locks in company, but separated at the bottom when we stopped for water. Filling here means we don’t have to go right up to the sanitary station in Gargrave, which would necessitate reversing back down the canal to a mooring. The rubbish and toilet cassettes I can carry.

The last 3 locks back down into the village where done solo, with the lock-keeper helping out with the last one. We arrived at around 14:30, and had a little trouble finding enough water to moor. It would have been better on the official 3 day mooring further along, but we will be staying longer than that. The pounds all the way down through Gargrave are low, the bottom one down by about a foot. I don’t know what the situation would have been like if we hadn’t had all that rain in June/July.

Stopping here for a week or so, Mags has her appointments at the Docs, and I need to get a car to get to Sheffield on Sunday for the 10K I’ve been training for.

Locks 9, miles 2½.

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Mo said...

We didn't know you guys kept a Blog !!!
Now we'll have to make sure we behave ourselves when we meet on the Leicester Line.

Sorry we can't be there with you, we chickened out of a cruise your way because we couldn't trust the Trent to behave itself so we went west on the T&M.

Catch up with you in the winter perhaps?

Love the Blog, it's useful to see the places and hazards we'll be facing when we do make the trip up north.

Mo and Vanessa