Thursday, September 27, 2007

We’ve been here at Gargrave since arriving back with Val and John last Monday, and anyway we are running short of water so we need to go up to the service point. After filling up, we moved back up through the 3 Gargrave locks and the Bank Newton flight, and moored in our usual spot on the “wiggley bits”. We were accompanied up most of the locks by the local lockies, and I got reprimanded for walking across the lock gates from one side of the chamber to the other. Apparently a “Near Miss” report has to be filled in every time this is witnessed. So I’ll be good (when BW guys are around)!

I’m not going to make any comments about Health and Safety Regulations, apart from the view that these rules are being implemented in response to (and fear of) our litigious culture, one of the less desirable imports from our transatlantic cousins. From next year, the same blood/alcohol limits for motor vehicles is to be applied to boat users, despite there being no evidence to support the idea that drink is a major factor in boating accidents. In fact, the few reported drownings due to inebriation are of people returning home or back to their boat along the towpath after a skinful in the pub!

It’s been cloudy with sunny spells, and quite warm, though the forecast for the next few days is poor, windy and wet, and colder with a northerly wind.

Mags had a quiet birthday yesterday, though she got quite a few cards and phone calls. Her present from me hasn’t arrived yet, though.

Locks 9, miles 2½

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