Thursday, September 27, 2007

As the forecast predicted, it was very windy Sunday and Monday. In fact, one gust was strong enough to blow the steel chimney cap of the roof and into the cut! Not many boats moving, either. Can’t really blame them.

I rang Low Park Marina at Barlick yesterday to see if they’d had a delivery of solid fuel, and set off this morning at around 10:45 to collect it. A much better day, dry but with a cool breeze from the north. The intention was to make it a 2 day trip, up through Greenberfield and to the marina, turn around and stop overnight, then return on Wednesday. But George rang to say they were coming over to see us Wednesday lunchtime, so we need to be back near Bank Newton by then. We decided to return to the “wigglies” today, leaving just a 20 minute cruise to the top of the locks tomorrow.

So we turned near the Anchor Inn at Salterforth (didn’t stop for a pint this time), back past the permanent moorings and the marina, and retraced our route back to the mooring.

Derelicts on the Salterforth Permit Holders moorings.

While I was mooching around in the chandlery at the marina, I spotted this and couldn’t resist it. I recovered the chimney cap with it in a few minutes when we got back to the mooring. I’m sure it’ll come in useful in the future, as well.

Sea Searcher Magnet.

Got back around 6 o’clock, after what seemed to be a long day.

Locks 6, miles 12½

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