Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Two days back to Ellesmere

We’ve headed back to Ellesmere now, probably the best place to hang about for a bit with boat services and shopping opportunities local to the canal.

A brave show of daffodils just around the corner from The Poachers.

The two-day trip was unremarkable, I think we saw a couple of moving boats, and had a helping hand at New Marton Locks from a couple of CRT chaps.

Unusual to see a pair of mandarin ducks along here…
I reckon the male thinks he's a goose...

We pulled in just past Maestermyn, a regular overnight stop for us. We’d intended to stay there a couple of nights, but a dip of the tank showed just 3 inches of diesel left, and I’m not sure how far the pick-up is from the base of the tank. Richard and Ruth’s fuel boat Mountbatten is on the way up, but I decided that if we were going to run dry I’d rather do it at Ellesmere than out in the sticks!

We left it till after lunch before we got going though, and I was just setting up when this very young family went toddling past.
Our first ducklings!

There were three boats moored at Frankton Junction and a couple more near the winding hole past Stanks Bridge, but it was quiet.
We pulled in short of the main moorings opposite the services. I thought they would be busy and wasn’t wrong.

But the surprise was that there are only two boats moored on the arm. I thought it would be rammed.

The field across the canal is used by the local farmer as a nursery, and it’s busy with new mums and their offspring.

Not sure what we’re doing now. We’ll stay put for a few days anyway.

Locks 2, miles 10   

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Mike Todd said...

I would have thought that now you are safely close to all facilities you are expected to use in the lockdown, the sentiment of the guidelines is that your longest trip for some weeks will be from the Arm to the service block and back again. Perhaps, for a bit of stimulation, you should leave the move until it is very windy - just to make the turn at the end of the Arm that much more interesting!