Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Busy doing nothing…

As far as we’re aware all of our friends and family are staying clear of Covid 19, but with the pandemic seemingly getting worse I’m not sure how long that will last. Val and John, our friends from near Wrexham have a daughter Carol who works in the NHS at Chester. She self-isolated after suspecting of being infected, but is now back at work after the symptoms faded.
Just one of the millions of front-line workers who are putting their health and even their lives on the line  Heroes all.

We’re trying to keep busy, jobs to do in the mornings, board games in the afternoons. Beautiful cruising weather that we can’t take advantage of. There have been a few boats pass, but often they come back again after a couple of hours presumably after using the services and visiting the shops. With Mags in the at-risk category I’m only shopping once a week to limit my exposure, while she stays safe aboard.

There’s things of interest outside though, we have regular guests for breakfast and lunch…

The sparrows are busy nest-building in the hawthorn alongside and we had a pair of goldfinch checking out the real estate opposite.

The lambs come and go, watched carefully by their mums and tonight Percy the peacock was back, stalking along the bank opposite.
We hear him most days, but he doesn’t always appear.

The clear skies last night allowed a good view of the super moon, when it’s at it’s closest to earth so it appears larger and brighter.
It’s average distance is around 250,000 miles, but at the moment it’s 3,200 miles nearer.

That’s it then for the time being. We’re still waiting to hear from the vet about collecting Meg’s ashes, sometime next week I guess. And on that subject thanks so much for all the kind comments.

Meg, May 2006 – 3rd April 2020. Much loved, much missed.


Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

I am so sorry for Meg's passing. We are all living through such strange times now. Please do stay safe, stay well.
Hugs to you both,
Jaq xxx

Mike Todd said...

Lovely pic of Meg