Thursday, January 16, 2020

The extended version…

Well. Plan B started ok (see previous post), and we’re still on it, but it seems to be lasting longer than expected…

We returned to Franton Junction a week last Monday (the 6th), loaded up with coal from Richard on Tuesday then dropped down the locks to moor on the Weston Arm on Wednesday.

Frankton Locks down onto the Montgomery Canal

We did get to hear about Mags’ urgent appointment at the Royal Shrewsbury, it was for a consultation on the 9th of March! By then Mags would have been in a serious condition, she had no appetite so was rapidly losing weight, and she was dehydrated too. So I got onto Ellesmere surgery and arranged for a doctor to see her that (Wednesday) afternoon after we descended the locks.
The upshot of that was that we were collected by ambulance early Thursday morning, spent most of the day undergoing tests then Mags was admitted in the evening. Meanwhile I’d taxied to Enterprise, picked up a car, driven back to Lower Frankton to pick up Meg and returned to Mags.

On Friday I moved the boat on to Queens Head as planned, getting a taxi to take me back to Lower Frankton to collect the hire car.

Graham Palmer Lock

Queens Head, noisy but handy for the A5.

Since then she’s been on and off a drip to rehydrate, has had a scan to determine the problem and has had antibiotics to deal with an infection caused by the blockage in her bile duct. After a week in there, even though I’ve visited twice a day, she’s well pissed off. But all should change now. All being well, as I write this, she’s undergoing an ERCP (look it up…) a procedure that she had in November 2018 and which was very successful then. Hopefully it’ll be as effective this time.

They reckon she could be back aboard this weekend. It’ll take a few days to be completely well again, then she’s got to recover her strength, but with the blockage and associated infection dealt with she’ll start to eat properly.

Tomorrow I’m going cruising again, back to Lower Frankton to fill the water tank and get rid of rubbish, then returning to Queens Head. I’ll be back in time to shoot off to visit Mags again in the afternoon.

Locks 5, miles 4


Carol said...

Please give that lovely smiley impatient lady big hugs and kisses from us both. We wish her a speedy recovery and return home.

NB Muleless said...

Oh, poor Mags! Hope all goes well and normal service resumes shortly! Love to all of you. Della, Gary and Echo xxx

KevinTOO said...

Oh dear, poor Mags... I hope she responds well to the treatment, please give her a big hug and kiss from me. Thanks for keeping us informed which is appreciated given that you have much more important things on your mind to deal with. Best wishes.

Jennifer said...

Glad to hear it's getting sorted finally. Don't forget to look after yourself Geoff. Jennifer and Peter. Tasmania

Sue said...

Oh goodness, but things are looking better. Give Mags our love when you see her next plus we are thinking of you both. Hey, get well soon Mags!

Jennie said...

Best wishes to you both and get well soon Mags.

Tom and Jan said...

We wish Mags a speedy recovery

Tom & Jan