Sunday, April 22, 2018

Slow but easy up Audlem

Slow because we got caught in a procession of boats climbing up the remaining 11 locks of the Audlem flight, easy because we had unexpected help!
We were ready to go by about half-nine, but a single-hander went past, so we thought we’d leave it for a bit, have a brew while he got ahead. Then another couple of boats passed, one of which was another single-hander…

We’d decided to leave just after 10 and take our chances in the queue when there was a knock on the boat and there stood Steve and Angie, who moor Tumbleweed No5 in Overwater Marina. They knew we were coming this way, and walked up to offer their services. An offer we accepted with alacrity!
So after a bit of a chat we set off up the locks.

Audlem Lock 11, with Steve and Angie waiting for us to enter.DSCF2946

We made good time for a start, with Steve and I closing up and Angie going on ahead, setting the locks. But then we caught up with the queue ahead, and things slowed down considerably.

Barrel-roofed stables alongside Lock 9 (I think).DSCF2947

Slowing down now as we wait for the preceding boat to move ahead.DSCF2948

There were boats coming down in the top half of the flight, which did speed things up a bit, and we left the top lock at half-twelve, just under 2 hours from starting out.

Audlem Top Lock

We’d promised our temporary crew members ice cream from the little help-yourself shop at the top lock, but the freezer was empty by the time we got there. So we made do with a  sandwich and a chocolate brownie each, with ice cream from our freezer.

Steve and Angie set off back down to the marina via the village, and we carried on a little further, mooring below Adderley Locks.

Pulling in below the 5 Adderley Locks

It wasn’t until I dumped the photos onto the laptop that I realised I hadn’t got a proper picture of Steve and Angie. Sorry guys. Thank’s for the help though. Have a good summer.

We’d decided to stay put today, thundery showers were forecast overnight, and rain most of today. Neither of which happened, of course. We did have a few spots of rain this morning, but the day has been mainly dry if a bit dull.

Up Adderley tomorrow, then on into Market Drayton. That rain will probably arrive tomorrow, then…

Locks 11, miles 2¼


Tom and Jan said...

The volunteer lock keeper informed us the building was a former blacksmith and carpenter shops for repairs on the flight. When I suggested stables he said "why would you have them on the offside and halfway on the flight?"

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Both. Yes, that's the second time I've made that mistake... Visions of heavy boat-horses tiptoeing across the footboards on the lock-gates.