Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Getting busy as we head to Ellesmere…

We didn’t move yesterday; it rained up until mid-afternoon so there was a steady stream of umbrella-holding steerers navigating their boats up and down the canal.

I took down the secondary glazing, cleaned the acrylic panels and stowed them under the bed till next winter, then cleaned the inside of the windows for the first time since November! We can see out a lot better now…

This morning it was gloomy but at least the rain had eased by the time we untied and set off.DSCF2837


I was speaking to a local chap walking his dog this morning. He has contacts among the local farmers who are reporting higher than normal mortality rates among the pregnant ewes and their offspring. The damp, cold weather is to blame, apparently.

It was quiet up until we passed Frankton Junction, then we started meeting boats who’d left Ellesmere earlier. We were following one chap who got into shallow water while avoiding on oncoming boat at Bridge 67.DSCF2840 
The lass on the front of the Anglo-Welsh boat (facing us) had just waved me forward. I declined, pointing out that there was no-where to go!


From here on there was a regular procession of boats, some met at bridges but mostly where we could pass easily. I wasn’t looking forward to those blind, tight bends around Val Hill, but luckily there was a gap in the traffic we slotted in to.

Two hours steady cruising brought us to Ellesmere, there were a couple of boats on the service wharf but there’s room for three so we slotted on the end. It took a while to fill the water tank with the slow tap, but then we turned into the Ellesmere Arm to find somewhere to moor till Saturday. Boats were nose to tail at the upper end of the arm, but there was plenty of space nearer the entrance.DSCF2842

We turned around at the end and came back to moor near the halfway point. Sharing a ring with the boat behind meant that we were making the best of the available space, just as well because the moorings were all full by 4 o’clock. I’ll fill the larder and fridge and freezer while we’re here, before we push on on Saturday. All being well Val and Johnny will come across on Friday for a visit while we’re still reasonably close to their home.

There’s been a cool easterly keeping it fresh today, but it’s supposed to be steadily warming up as we head towards the weekend. Still unsettled though.

Locks 0, miles 5 


Nb Barney said...

Hi Geoff &mags
Sorry we weren't on board when you passed.
House is sold and we were there emptying it.
Will be glad to get moving next week hopefully!
Hope to see you on our travels.
Happy cruising
Mac and Sue Yarwood.
Sorry for the confusion can't change old name!!

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Mac, Sue. Yes I wondered about the name... Glad you got the house sorted OK, will maybe see you later in the year. keep well.